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Our cover angel is Gabriel, God's Messenger and Ambassador. You see him here blowing on his trumpet, which has been said to be the call to heaven at the end of the world. Until that comes, Gabriel visits those whom God chooses to bless with a personal message.

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Angel of Prosperity

Here are some things we know about Gabriel:

Angel dot Book of Daniel
Gabriel was sent to Daniel by God to explain Daniel's visions to him.

Angel dot Koran
Gabriel is said to be the source of over 6000 of the verses of the Koran. He is also mentioned by name in two Suras.

Angel dot Book of Luke
Gabriel is famous for being the one to tell Mother Mary that she has been chosen by God to bear his earthly son, Jesus. He also notified Zacharias that he would have a son to be named John (the Baptist).

Angel dot Book of Enoch (wisdom literature)
Gabriel is one of the four great archangels to stand in the presence of God and to protect Earth.

Angel dot Book of Genesis and the Koran
Gabriel is one of three angels sent to tell Abraham that Sodom and Gomorrah were to be destroyed. Abraham then bargains to get the number of good men down to 10. When even this number could not be found, Gabriel was instrumental in destroying those cities.

Angel dot Popular Culture
Gabriel is portrayed in many movies and TV series, either by mention or as the main character. Several of these films pit Gabriel against his brother angel, Michael, with Michael being the hero and Gabriel the bad guy. Legion (2010)

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